Saturday, 18 June 2011

Cornwall Mini Break

Bilf & Bowie 2001 Pod of Dreams 122.JPG_effected
Bilf & Bowie 2001 Pod of Dreams 015.JPG_effected

Bilf & Bowie 2001 Pod of Dreams 376.JPG_effected
bilfbowiepod 120.JPG_effected
Bilf & Bowie 2001 Pod of Dreams 007.JPG_effected

bilfbowiepod 130.JPG_effected

Bilf & Bowie 2001 Pod of Dreams 227.JPG_effected
Bilf & Bowie 2001 Pod of Dreams 398.JPG_effected
Bilf & Bowie 2001 Pod of Dreams 029.JPG_effected
Bilf & Bowie 2001 Pod of Dreams 041.JPG_effected
Bilf & Bowie 2001 Pod of Dreams 066.JPG_effected
Bilf & Bowie 2001 Pod of Dreams 436.JPG_effected
Bilf & Bowie 2001 Pod of Dreams 084.JPG_effected
bilfbowiepod 099
Bilf & Bowie 2001 Pod of Dreams 437.JPG_effected

With a week off, and no plans, sometimes it's quite refreshing to just get in the car and drive somewhere random. We were orignally going to take a tent and camp anywhere, but my boyfriend found these cute little "camping pods" online & called up a place (Monday morning) in Cornwall (Tregardock) & booked the little wooden pod for 4 nights. Being the country bumpkin that I am, you'd think that I would be "at one with nature", but really, the idea of camping, isn't my idea of a relaxing time. So the prospect of staying in one of these certainly put my mind at ease. They are what I'd like to call "Upper Class Camping". No wind, No rain, No hard ground, Insulation, Lights & Electric (although ours wasn't completely finished so we had no electric - although you don't REALLY need it, as there was a farmhouse about a minutes walk away to charge phones etc). The pod prices all vary depending on how much the landowner wants to charge, but on average they are around the £30-£35 a night mark for a 2 person & £45 for the "Family size". We were actually extremely lucky in the fact that the people who had booked to use the family pod had cancelled, so the kind man let us stay in the family pod for the same price as the double pod. What also made our break even better was that nobody else was staying in the two pods next to us, so we had that hill all to ourselves for normal things like raving to music & taking photo's of ourselves being silly...

I would also like to stress, that prior to our trip, my boyfriend told me not to faff with makeup etc (yes, like most men, waiting around for a woman to put on makeup is not his idea of a funtime - and goes by the term "less is more") I agreed that there wasn't reallly any need for me to bring any but came to the compromise that I would take a few essentials (i.e. concealer, powder and mascara) I don't go ANYWHERE without at least concealing my spots or undereye circles. So, on Monday morning, I was packing my stuff ready for our adventure and in my mad hurry I left my makeup bag on the side. It was only when I got 10 minutes down the road that I realised this, and I was, for a split second, in two minds about whether to turn around to go back and get it, but I didn't. Shock horror.

So, I had 5 days "at one with nature", and completely bare-faced, but had the most amazing time ever & I strongly urge any of you that might be a little bit frightened of camping to check out the pods as an alternative, or just jump in the car for spontaneous trips away. :)

I'd be super interested to know if any of you book time away in a little pod, so let me know if you do :)

P.S. I am not affliated with camping pods, nor did I know they existed until I was driving to stay in one. I wasn't paid for my review, nor asked. We used our own money to purchase everything you see in the above pictures & I drove 5 hours to get there and back, my bottom didn't appreciate this. I just love me a bit of Pod action & wanted to share the experience with you. Although, if the lovely Pod people are reading this, I'd be more than happy to accept another Pod holiday on your behalf...Many Thanks. ;)

Sunday, 5 June 2011

My Dressing Table.

I wanted to give you all a little insight into some aspects of my room. I get asked a lot to do a room tour but I don't feel 100% comfortable with bearing my whole bedroom to you all, although I certainly don't mind doing little posts like these where you can see different bits and bobs which may help to inspire some of you. So, this is my dressing table, or make up station, or as it's better known, "my desk that doesn't get used for officey-type things so I've filled it full of makeup & beauty items". My grandad made it for me many moons ago, I painted it cream & changed the handles to make it a little more girly.

Ceramic Rose Handles - Homebase
Cream drawers to the left - Ikea (Painted cream & used the remnants of my wallpaper to cover the sides)
Wallpaper - Leekes Linda Barker
Silver drawers to the right - TKMaxx (Brilliant for bedroom storage)
Large Mirror against wall - Bootsale & handpainted
Small Antique Mirror - Bootsale
Light up Mirror - Boots
Flower Lights - BHS
China Saucers - Bootsale
Mosaic Flower Pot - Bootsale
Small China Vase with handle - Bootsale
Small cream & gold Jewellery Box - My Nan gave me this