Saturday, 2 April 2011

Liz Earle Mothers Day Treat.

As you know, I am the biggest fan of Liz Earle Skincare, so when the lovely people at Liz Earle asked if I wanted a gorgeous, gift wrapped little skincare kit for Mothers Day, of course I said yes. And no, I didn't keep it for myself, as much as I would have loved to as everything in it is so lovely, I gave it to my Mum so she could trial it, and give her opinions on the products herself. I'm also quite aware, that not everyone reading my blog has glowing, youthful skin, and so for those of you with dehydrated or dry skin or skin with signs of ageing, you may find this review helpful.

This particular kit comes with the following products:
♥ Superskin Body Lotion 50ml
♥ Superskin Concentrate 10ml
♥ Superskin Moisturiser 15ml jar
♥ Sample size of the new Superskin Eye & Lip Treatment
RRP: £30

So what did Mummy Zoella think?
"I absolutely love all the scents, they're really fresh & floral. The Superskin Moisturiser feels light when applying and sinks it straight away, which is a thumbs up. I don't really like the feeling of a heavy, hydrating cream on my skin, so the fact that this sinks in so easily is great. This also applies with the Body Lotion, which I have thouroughly enjoyed using so far. The Superskin Concetrate smells amazing, and using this is a real treat. It leaves my skin feeling refreshed, energised and smooth. I am beginning to see some great results from using these skincare products. I normally stick to Dermalogica as my preferred skincare regime, but after using some of these products I may have to go ahead and purchase the full sizes when these run out."

This is not only a fabulous present for your Mummy, but why not get this kit yourself if you've always wanted to try out a few of the Superskin products? They are the perfect size, and obviously you'd be saving yourself a lot of pennies by trialling the smaller sizes. I just wish all skincare brands offered things like this, as we don't always want to spend the full price on the full sized product, especially if they don't agree with your skin.

I know it's possibly a bit late to be suggesting Mother's Day presents, but if you're anything like me, and leave it right to the last minute as you have no clue what your mum would want, then maybe she could wait a few days for something a bit more thoughtful instead of that tacky mug you quickly picked up in "The Card Factory" that was next to the till. Also, it doesn't necessarily have to be for Mothers Day does it. Mums are special all year round.

Buy Liz Earle in selected stockists on the High Street or Online. Treat your Mum...or yourself ;)