Sunday, 30 January 2011

Someday Summary - Sunday

♥ Using my spin dryer is definitely going to become a much regular styling method from now on. I get asked a lot to do a "demo" on how to use it. Besides a video of me with my head upside down looking a fool & you not really being able to see what i'm doing, i'm not overly sure how I can demo how to use it. I just blowdry my roots with a normal hairdryer, then tipping my head upside down, I take my hair into three sections and use the spin dryer. Thats it. Oh, also use a mousse. Vital.
♥ Vintage scarves are also going to be appearing on my head & just generally on my person a lot more. They are so easy to tie up in your hair, and I think they make outfits that little bit more interesting. When carboots start up again, I am definitely going to be buying some more.
♥ I need ideas on what to do for my 21st Birthday in 2 months time. I literally have no idea. Do I go away? Have a party? Have a sophisticated do? Go out for a meal? I kind of want to do something a bit...different. Ideas would be lovely thankyou please :)
♥ I've become addicted to mini milks. Could literally eat a whole box in one sitting i'm sure of it.
♥ Loving Adele's new album as well as her. She is hilarious. So down to earth and normal. Probably one of my favourite singers for sure. If you dont have her new album yet, i'd definitely urge you to get it. You won't be dissapointed.
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Thursday, 27 January 2011

Primark purchases of late.

Mink crop top £5 - Scooped neck navy top £8

Bag £7 - Sailor Pumps £6

Just a few things I picked up in Primark recently. They don't have a lot of newer things since the last time. I really loved the fabrics of the two tops. The crop top is a really heavy, flowly material which I think will look flattering & I loved the mink colour. The navy top is also really baggy and floaty. The bag was one of those "oh my gosh, quick grab it" purchases. I'd seen this in the SS11 collection photos, and it was the one thing that I knew I had to have. I spotted it in Oxford Street & there were literally about 5 girls standing around them when I grabbed one. Think there were 2 left after i'd gone. They may get more in but if you want this, grab it now while you can or if you spot it. Looks to me like it's a popular item. The shoes were just too cute to pass up really. I think they'll look good in summer with little white dresses and pretty skirts.

Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Someday Summary - Wednesday

♥ After walking past the "Hummingbird Bakery" on Portobello Road in London too many times, and never actually stopping to investigate, I decided that last week, whilst visiting, I was going to go in & make a spontaneous purchase on cupcakes. I absolutely friggin love cupcakes. I never get enough time to make them, and mine never come out as amazing as the ones they have to offer, so I did treat myself. I think the one's I purchased were £1.95 each. They are of the basic vanilla & butter icing variety, but they did have other fancy ones. To be honest, I felt a little overwhelmed & felt like the ladies behind the counter were thinking "Hurry up woman, they're only blummin cupcakes, pick some". I'd also like to add, they were DELICIOUS & I definitely urge you to visit. If anyone knows anywhere besides "The Hummingbird Bakery" in London that offers scrumptious cupcakes, do share.
♥ After my last blogpost on Charity Shopping, it inspired me & the muvster (that's mum), to hit the charity shops. So that is exactly what we did today. We went to 4 different towns, and about 10 different charity shops (call us crazy if you must) and I picked up a fair few amazing garments, and a nice amount of books that some of you had reccommended to me after my book post. I will post up on my finds if you so wish.

♥ Whilst out today, we went into a little gift shop & I fell in love with the Valentines "Juicy Lucy" range. There were cards, chocolates & other little bits and pieces. I wanted all of it, but alas, I only have one boyfriend & so more than one card could be deemed somewhat naughty. I did buy a little pack of "Filthy Fairy Notes". Don't be alarmed, I do have a slight sense of humour & when it comes to silly things like Valentines day, you definitely won't see me buying huge cards with hearts all over them & gag-worthy lines like "To the one I love" or "To the very special man in my life". I'd rather buy something slightly less cheese. Some of these were surprisngly "filthy" but some were a little more softcore haha. So, If you're like me, and you prefer to have a slight laugh & not take Valentines too seriously or cheese-fest-ingly (Yes, i think i just made this word up) then check out the website. Or, yanno, if you do like being a big cheeseball, just stick to a 5ft teddybear.

A few of the cards they had that I liked. How adorable is the peanut one? haha
♥ I think I have a slight obsession with Jessie J. I've been following her on Youtube for what seems like years, so for her to now be playing on the radio is madness. I'm ever so pleased for her. I must admit, I find her mannerisms slightly distracting annoying but her voice is absolutely amazing. I've been listening to this song over & over, and I'm guessing it's going to be on the album in March as she's called it "Who You Are". Listen & Enjoy.
♥ I have also been a little obsessed over Iphone Photography apps. Mainly Instagram & Pudding Camera - Both free :) If you are a bit of a photography enthusiast & love photos with a retro/vintage feel, I urge you to get these Iphone apps and have a play around. 

♥ Currently Reading Little Chief Honeybee & Shutterbug

Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Granny Chic on a Budget.

Handbag - Bootsale - £1 Silk Scarf - Bootsale - 20p

It became quite apparent to me, whilst strolling through Topshop on Oxford St, London (I literally get lost in there) that a lot of the things on sale for stupidly high prices, could be found at a fraction of the cost in charity shops all over the UK. I still have a very love-hate relationship with Topshop...
Affordable fashion? Really?
Long-Lasting? Questionable.
Unique? Not Always. Every girl & their mum has the same item.
Quality? Sometimes.

Overall it's pretty hit and miss, and i go through phases of wanting things from there, and then I go back to dissliking it again. If they dropped their prices slightly, I might be more inclined. Although the point of this post is not to go into detail about Topshop, it's simply to highlight other places you can grab similar things, for much, much less. This winter, I have mainly bought my jumpers and cardigans from Charity Shops. The prices in high street stores of winter clothing always shocks me. Especially if you want quality. I have had a bit of an obsession with 80's batwing jumpers. I wear them with leggings, or shorts, or a bandeau skirt.

Top photo: left - Batwing Jumper bought from Brick Lane for £5, Right - Cardigan from Charity shop for £6
Bottom photo: Vintage Beaded tops L-R - Charity Shop £5, Ebay £6

I'm also a big fan of the beaded "granny chic" evening tops. You don't really see anything similar on the high street the best place to find them is Charity shops and Ebay. I like to wear them with leggings. Just something a bit more exciting and different for a night out or evening do ;)

Top left photo: Both jumpers from a Charity shop, £3 & £4
Bottom left photo: Chairty shop again, £5 & £4
Mohair coat/jacket - Charity Shop £5

The mohair coat was such a find, I absolutely love it with my military boots and a messy updo, and it kept me warmer on minus freezing days than any other coats I own. I really can't encourage you enough to check out the Charity shops and bootsale's for vintage items, be it clothing or accessories. Even if none of this is your style, you will find something,to suit you and it's somehow a lot more satisfying.

Tuesday, 18 January 2011

The best things in life are free.

For a while now, I've been depotting my mac eye shadows & popping them into palettes, as it saves space & makes things a lot easier when looking for certain colours. Obviously not everyone thinks this way, and for those of you who prefer to have the indivdual pots, this blog post may sway you slightly. I'd been saving all my eye shadow pots in a little bag & I had then shoved them in a draw & completely forgot about them. It was always something on my "to do list". For those of you who aren't aware of the Back to Mac scheme, it's basically just a good way of recycling empty packaging & Mac give you something back in return for 6 empties. Usually a lipstick. I took along my 18 eye shadow empties & picked out 3 new colours. It would have cost me £40.50 but got 100% discount. Very satisfying indeed. These 3 are the colours that I had been oggling for a while, and obviously with the lipstick now retailing at £13.50 (stop mac, seriously, stop with the price increases) now is a good time to take back your empties. I picked up Chatterbox, Creme Cup & Shy Girl.

Lush also do a recycling scheme, where if you take back 5 empty black pots, you get a free fresh face mask. I don't find it very hard emptying any lush black pots, especially if you regularly buy the fresh face masks anyway, they only have a shelf (or fridge) life of 2-3 weeks, so after this time it should all be used up. I am definitely guilty of throwing a few away in the past...and now i regret it. I picked up "Catastrophe Cosmetic". It's my absolute favourite face mask. I love everything about it, the smell, the colour, the texture, the way it makes my skin look. I'll be buying these over and over and over, and then hopefully being rewarded for recyling buy recieving a free one every now and then :)

Overall, quite a satisfying little shop, since I ended up spending no money on things I actually want and love. So, ladies and gentlemen, the moral of this blog post is SAVE YOUR EMPTIES & SAVE THE PLANET. :)

Saturday, 15 January 2011

Someday Summary - Saturday

Sorry that i'm updating you on my not-so-exciting life again this evening, I wanted to show you a few bits i've bought recently but I got back from work & it was dark, so that will have to wait until tomorrow when I can actually take some photos in good lighting.

♥ The photos above were taken last night, My brother (Joe) was off to a masquerade ball and I was off out for drinks with my girlies. We don't have many photo's together, and any that we do have, are either stupid or old. Look how much we've changed! In the old photo, I believe I was about 5 & Joe was probabaly 3 or 4. I do hope you appreciate my crazed expression (I promise i'm not posessed) & my equally terriffic jumper. I just want to squish my brothers chubby little cheeks. I also find it quite funny that aged 5, i am sporting naturally ombred hair...
He will be off travelling on Wednesday & I've helped to create a blog so he can document his antics. So follow that HERE. Nothing on it yet, but he will be doing a post before he goes, and obviously posting lots whilst he's away for 3 months.
♥ My week is getting slightly better since Wednesday's "Bleurgh" post. Lots more work & distractions & a few hours of peeking sunshine.
♥ I have rekindled my love of Ebay. This is never a good thing. First purchase of the year on ebay is an oversized, vintage farm yard animal jumper. Not everyone's cup of tea i'm sure, but I would quite like to wear it with leggings, my boots & a bit of a messy barnet up-do. I'm sure i can work those farmyard animals somehow.
♥ Currently reading A Twenty-Something & Thats Peachy

Samsung Photography Challenge

As some of you might be aware via twitter, I am part of the Samsung Photography Challenge.
I was contacted by a PR company working alongside Samsung to help promote the different digital cameras they have to offer. Photography being something I absolutely love, and have always loved, I was definitely up for it. I was provided with a Samsung digital camera & I've been placed in the "style" category. There are also 3 other Samsung camera triallers (who are all more advanced than little old me), each with different cameras. Every month, you can vote for what you'd like me to take a photograph of, and once the votes are all counted, I am then set the challenge of capturing the winning vote. I am doing this every month for 6 months. I really loved the idea of this. They could have just sent me over the camera, told me to have a play about with it, then written out a review. But instead, I love that we are all a little more involved & being challenged to take photographs we might not normally try and capture. It's like being back in A Level Photography & having homework. haha. The categories aren't easy either. They really are a "challenge". My first was to capture "celebrating in the form of singing and dancing". This could have been an even bigger struggle had it not been New Years Eve. Once my chosen photo is uploaded, you can then rate it out of 5. I don't win anything for gaining a high score, it's just there for you to express your love/hate for the photo. Although I should hope you would all be kind enough to rate me nicely. :)
Obviously, the purpose of the Challenges are for me to get a bit creative & try different things out with the camera. For any of you who are thinking of getting a new digital camera, you should definitely check out the site, and how well the 4 different camera models work. There's nothing more honest than the photo's themselves.

If you are interested in photography like me, or like I said, are looking to buy a new camera, then do check out the blog & get involved with voting for the challenges and rating the chosen images. I will be tweeting about it when the time comes each month, so keep an eye out. Obviously, you don't have to, but it would be great if you did.

I am not affilated with Samsung, I haven't been compensated or asked to write this blog post & I am not being sponsored. I am simply using one of their cameras :)

Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Someday Summary - Wednesday

Last photo left in for comedic value. I wasnt even aware I could make that shape with my mouth.
♥ BLEURGH. This is how I am currently feeling. Just bleurgh. January is just so depressing. It's always the worst time of the year for me. No real reason, I just hate the weather, the lack of money etc etc. Even when the sun breaks through a dark horrible cloud on a very rare occasion I am instantly cheered up. I guess i'm one of those who's mood is greatly affected by weather, and because of this I have decided that I definitely need to either hibernate through the crappy first few months of the year OR move somewhere warm every winter. ;) This week has just been a pile of poop. Everything is going wrong. I need something good to happen before I self destruct.
♥ Anyone else think that Wednesday nights are the worst for good tv. Whilst doing my every-10-minutes-channel flicking in order to find something half decent to watch, I came across "Never Been Kissed"on E4. Great film. Gotta love those 90's chick flicks. What's your favourite?
♥ Excited for Adele's new album. Very excited in fact.
♥ I now have a tripod, so I can start attempting to do some half decent-ish outfit posts. Hoorah!
♥ Currently reading Stephanie Dreams and Sophia's Journal

L'oreal Studio Secrets HD Foundation & MeMeMe blush

After my recent Superdrug haulage, a lot of you wanted a review on the foundation and the blush in particular. Since I have been wearing both everyday since they were added to my evergrowing collection I decided to *attempt* to photograph my face for you & to give you a mini review of each.

L'oreal Studio Secrets HD Foundation
This is not cheap. At all, in fact probably the most expensive "drugstore" foundation I have come across (there may be one that is more expensive - I just don't know about it). It retails in select Superdrug shops for £16.39. Cheaper than a lot of high end brands but definitely a lot more expensive than any other low end brand. Firstly, if you don't like using a brush to apply your foundation, skip this. Pretty standard. The coverage, although it's not stated anywhere, is definitely not full. I'd say it was light to medium but buildable. Perfect for me, but i know not everyone is comfortable enough with anything BUT heavy coverage. The website states that the foundation captures light and delivers a flawless satin-soft result. This is true, in photos I think the foundation looks fab. I can see why they called it the "smoothing HD foundation". However, if you have oily skin, or mega problem areas, stay well away from this foundation unless you have a primer or you use lots of powder post application, as it really is a very dewy-looking finish. Which personally, suffering with dryer skin than most, is my favourite finish. I started off really hating this foundation. I hated the streaky brush marks where the brush hadn't softened enough, I wasn't overly impressed with the packaging (clicking the bottom to push the foundation out just wasnt working, i found myself clicking for flipping ages, and then my clicker broke, which then meant everytime i wanted to click it up, i had to pull it back down first). I very nearly gave up on it, and thought "what a waste of flipping MOOLAH!", but my clicker started working again, and product came out 10x easier and the bristles had softened so applying it was a lot easier. I would definitely love this produt a lot more, if there was more than just 17ml for £16.39 (almost £1 per ml - ridiculous) and possibly just with a pump application. I like the brush, but it's not essential.

MeMeMe Blush in "Coral"
I don't have as much to say about this one. Mainly because I just love it & you all need it in your life. It's extremely pigmented, blends well & looks so pretty on. It retails in Superdrug for £8.50 which could be a little steep for a lower end brand once again, but it's very obvious that this is a mimick of a Benefit blush, which retails for over £23. I own both & can honestly say the only difference that I have noticed between the two, is that Coralista by Benefit has a much pinkier undertone and is a little more finely milled, thus blends a lot easier. It also has a diddy little brush & a mirror underneath the top lid. The only gripe I have with this, is that it takes up a lot of room in my makeup bag. That I can live with ;)

Friday, 7 January 2011

"and Darcy had never been so bewitched by any woman as he was by her"

One thing i have most certainly decided I will do this year (still not a new years resolution - I know that if i say it's a NYR, i probably won't do it & will set myself out to fail. So, i am not going to jinx myself & instead just say this is a choice I shall make) is to read more books. I used to be such a bookworm. I'd get books for Birthdays and Christmasses & it was the most exciting thing ever, and would always be so eager for the celebrating to end so i could fold back the front cover, stick my nose in & read every last word until it was finished. I lost my love for reading through sixth form when a huge amount of my time was taken up doing practical coursework across 3 of my 4 subjects with two separate projects running alongside each other in each subject. It was too much work, and took up too much of my time. I then left school & went into full time work, which then meant when i came home i just never felt like reading. I bought books, in the hope that if i left them lying around i might pick one up and read it...but this never provoked such actions. A few weeks ago, my boyfriend bought me the new Russell Brand book, and it made me want to start reading again. So, that is what i shall do. I will set aside time, whether it's just whilst I'm in the bath, on the train or before bed & i WILL read more books.

This is the stash I have accumulated & will hopefully get through. I bought most of these from a charity shop, none were over £2.50 & it's going to a good cause. I've always wanted to read a Jane Austen book, and Pride & Prejudice was only £1.99 in my local Oxfam so i snapped that up, I also want to read about the antics of the ever so charming Mr Darcy. ;)

This is what I shall tell myself to seem less geeky ;) - Courtesy of
Below is a list of blogs of which have some great book reviews if you wanted to find something you think you might like:

Are you hoping to read more this year? Are there any books or authors you can reccommend?

Thursday, 6 January 2011

You are a radar detector.

This was going to be a sort of "face of the day" type post...but alas, the stupid gloomy weather meant that trying to get a photo of my makeup was near enough impossible. The only place i could take a photo was with natural light by the window, yet this also meant it bleached out a lot of my face. So i'm hoping this is satisfactory for your les yeux. It's pretty basic anyway, I went very neutral today but i shall list everything i used below:

♥ L'oreal Studio Secrets HD Foundation
♥ Benefit Erase Paste
♥ Bare Escentuals Foundation to set
♥ MeMeMe Coral Blusher
♥ MeMeMe Highlighter in Sunbeam
♥ Mac E/S in All That Glitters
♥ Mac E/S in Spiced Chocolate
♥ Chanel Khol liner in "Ambre"
♥ Max Factor False Lash Effect Mascara

Earrings are also from New Look in case anyone else thought they were as cute as i did. Hair scraped up in a top knot...which i am finding a lot more difficult at the moment as my hair needs a good cut, i also think it looks a smidgen ridiculous since i've ombred my hair. It's like i've decided to pop in some extensions which are completely the wrong colour and then tied my hair up. ;) Of course, that is not the case.

Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Someday Summary - Wednesday

Happy mid week Wednesday. I am currently sat, tapping away on my laptop in a darkened room, lit by my 2.45pm. I honestly cannot wait for summer to come back. Lighter mornings, lighter evenings, picnics & summer dresses. Yes please.
Absolutely loving having my appetite back, and i'm most certainly making up for it. I am also delighted that Mini Eggs are back on the shelves. I don't know if any of you are aware, but I am absolutely addicted to the little blighters, so when Christmas has gone, I know it's about time they come back into my life. I could literally eat a whole bag in one sitting. Maybe i should do a blogpost dedicated to my love of mini eggs? no? bit sad? haha.
My brother is going travelling for 3 months on the 19th. He's going to Thailand, Australia, New Zealand, Figi & LA. I'm definitely starting to feel jealous, especially with all this crappy weather. If any of you have any advice or want to chat to him about travelling, i'm sure he'd appreciate it. He has twitter so feel free to follow him @Joe_Sugg.I've told him he needs to start up a blog so he can log all his photos and travelling antics. Speaking of which, another of my friends is currently travelling with his girlfriend, and some of his photos are seriously amazing, so if you're into photography, culture & general travelling-ness do have a read HERE. Tell him Zoe sent you ;) I'm sure he'd be chuffed.
It's my 21st birthday in March (eeeek) so I've been pondering on what to get for it. There's always the option of jewellery, or a designer handbag, something sort of predictable, but I'm definitely leaning towards a DSLR. I've always been a huge photography geek.(I once had a wall in my bedroom absolutely covered in black and white photos & studied it) so I think it would be something I could really make the most of & keep and treasure just as much as i would a necklace etc.. It will also be super beneficial for my blog, I know that my digital camera has served me well, but actually not having a manual setting makes taking photos such a mission on dark, gloomy days like today. I'm definitely too much of a perfectionist when it comes to my photos, but I hope you're all grateful for that? haha. It would definitely mean more frequent posts anyway. So, this is where you come in. DSLR reccommendations? I'm sort of leaning more towards a Nikon rather than a Canon, but i know they are both great brands. Tips, tricks and general know-how about DSLR's would be very helpful if any of you can spare a few minutes in the comments? :)
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Tuesday, 4 January 2011

New Year...New Makeup?

When shopping the other day, I noticed that all makeup in Superdrug was 3 for 2. This doesn't happen too often, not across ALL the beauty brands. Since I haven't splashed out on makeup in a long while as Christmas left me penny less after buying for everyone else, I decided to take Superdrug up on their offer. To be totally fair, I had my eye on at least 4 of these items for a long time & went straight for them.

L'oreal Studio Secrets HD Smoothing Foundation - I have wanted to try this for ages. The brush on the end intrigued me & the fact it was "HD" meant it was something a little different from anything i've previously tried.
Gosh Touch Up Concealer - Yes, i still swear by this concealer...on blemishes and under my eyes. I was running low so being practical I bought a back up. Read a review of the concealer here.
MeMeMe Coral Blush - Again, I have wanted this for a while, since summer in fact. Benefit's Coralista kept me going but saw this on a few blogs & instantly knew i had to have it. I think coral blushers suit me the most, whether the sun is shining or the snow is falling.
MeMeMe Highlighter in "Moonbeam" (The pinkier one) - I was going to splash out on Benefits expensive version of this, which I do have a sample of that came in one of the kits & it has run out. Alas, I decided that with it's slightly re invented packaging (a black lid), and it's almost identical properties I would try this one. So far I have noticed it's not as opaque but still does a marvellous job.
MeMeMe Highlighter in "Sunbeam" (The golder one) - I actually think i prefer this one so far. It will be gorgeous in the summer mixed with foundation or just worn on cheekbones. I have a bit of a thing with liquid highlighters.
Rimmel London Lash Accelerator Mascara - I've been using Max Factor False Lash Effect & I love it, but I am running dry & so wanted to try out a new mascara. My Mum has this & loves it, as well as other bloggers across the interwebz who have sung it's praises, so I thought i'd give it a go myself.

Have you taken advantage of the Superdrug 3 for 2? If not, i would suggest you get yourself to a good store and pick out a few things you've wanted to try out. I can review items individually if you'd like after i've given them a fair shot? Let me know.

Monday, 3 January 2011

Christmas & New Year

So, after writing my previous post about being MIA because of illness, it seems that i totally jinxed myself. After getting over 2 furious colds over the space of 3 weeks, i then got struck down with full on flu the week before Christmas. I spent almost a week in bed, unable to move, sleep or eat & Christmas Day was the biggest struggle ever. Christmas is my absolute favourite time of the year, we get to meet with family, drink, eat and be merry. But, alas, my illness ruined it. Even putting my clothes and makeup on was a huge struggle. I'm still not 100% better, the flu-ness has gone, but now i am left with a lovely chesty cough which just won't budge, but at least my appetite has returned and i can make up for all the Christmas food binging i SHOULD have been indulging in. *takes a bite of a chocolate santa* Besides lying on my Auntie's sofa all day, not being able to tuck into the turkey and trimmings and feeling like poop, my Christmas was still as fabulous as it could be & i got some lovely gifts.

A few days before the flu struck me...however I do look disgusting in this photo anyway. Where the hell has my top lip gone?

Not even too sure why i'm posting these, but this is me, with flu on Christmas Day. For some reason my head looks TRES fat in the second picture...i'm not sure why. I'd lost loads of weight and was in fact pale and skinny looking...gross.

Looking slightly more "me" despite the delicious handlebar moustache on New Year's Eve. Good times had by all.
Hope you all had an amazing Christmas & New Year. I don't really have any resolutions, I've never been one to make any, i just live life as each day comes & try to make the best of whatever is thrown my way. There's nothing i need to specifically change, possibly to eat more healthy but I don't think deciding this on the 1st of a New Year means i will almost DEFINITELY stick to it. I didn't get to stuff my face with Cadburys Roses or Cheeselets, so i'm doing it now. ;) Healthy eating can wait.
Thankyou to everyone who joined my blog in 2010, and hopefully 2011 will see a slight improvement in my blogging skills, as well as more frequent postings and a lot more outfits.

First spree of 2011

Me & the Muvster were going to get out of bed nice and early New Years day & head for our monthly Primarni session but instead, we opted for the day after. Which may have been a mistake on our part, as I did happen to over hear one member of Primark staff say they lost out on money big time New Years Day as it wasn't busy at all. She also mentioned that the Bristol branch alone, made £90K every Saturday...can you believe that!? That certainly was an eye opener, thanks for that, stupid Primark member of staff talking loudly about wages, staff & earnings. Discreet much?

Anyway, Primark opens at 11am Sunday, so we sat and had a coffee in a Starbucks nearby as we arrived slightly too early, then headed off, in the hope of finding some amazing bargains. And that I did. I wasn't majorly overwhelmed by the stock they have in at the moment. It's that really awkward, tricky inbetween stage. There's chunky-knit cardigans & boots that have been in a while, and summer dresses and flipflops that have just arrived in stock. I don't know about you, but i'm not shopping for summer clothing JUST yet. The flipflops just made me wince at the thought of wearing so little in such cold weather. Frost bite anyone? They still had maxi dresses in & a lot of it was very samey. They did have some really cute playsuits however, which i figured could be worn with tights, cardigans and boots in the colder months, then bare-legged with flipflops when the sun decides to come back. Here's what i picked up anyway...
all clothing
stripey jumper
Stripy Sailor Oversized Jumper - £10
sailor cardy
Navy Sailor Cardigan - £10
spotty playsuit
Polka Dot playsuit - £13
playsuit 2
Long Sleeved Floral/Birds Playsuit - £15
Pink floral headband - £2 Daisy Headband - £1
headbands 2
Knitted Headbands (Good alternative to hats/ear muffs in the cold) - £1.50 each
Khaki green chuncky knit over the knee socks - £2
Miss Selfridge Rings - Both 50% off - Bow ring - £1.75 Cameo ring - £3.25