Friday, 15 January 2010

Attention Fellow Bloggers - Haiti needs YOU!

As we all know, there has been a devastating earthquake in Haiti earlier this week.
Gemma (Gemsmaquillage) a fellow beauty guru/youtuber has recently posted a video on the disaster, and how we, as a community can help, and she is totally right!
PLEASE PLEASE watch her video if you haven't yet.

If we can all spend money on makeup/clothes for ourselves we can all donate to this cause, even if it's just a few pounds, it all makes such a massive difference to those in desperate need.

Click the link below to donate to the DEC:

Read more about the DEC HERE

Click this link to donate to Doctors without borders:

Read more about Doctors without borders HERE

It's times like these we can all club together to make a difference so retweet my blogpost, retweet Gemma's video, favourite it, rate it 5 stars, but more importantly, donate something.

Thanks so much lovelies!
Let me know if you have donated in the comments


  1. Just about to donate now :)
    good on her, and everyone for getting involved

  2. Great post Zoe, for such an amazing cause!
    I have also posted this video & some information on my blog :) hopefully it will make a lot of people aware of what Gemmas doing and donate to those in Haiti.
    <3 xxxx

  3. Great post Zoe(:
    I totally agree and am going to donate immediately. I'm also going to do a post similar to this later today.
    We all need to stand up and take notice.
    xo S

  4. Hey Zoe(: Sorry this is my second comment on this post but its such a good cause im sure you wont mind.
    Just letting you know that I made a blog post about this too. We need as much support as possible I say(:
    xo S

  5. I’ve nominated you for an award on my blog lovely :) xx

  6. I'm going to post about this later. It's great that the community can make such a difference and I want to do everything to help. Am going to donate too xx

  7. Great idea, thanks so much for spreading the word,
    I've just blogged about it!

  8. Hiya :)
    I've nominated you for a blog award, come to my blog to accept:

    This is a fantastic idea, will definitely donate

  9. Thanks for posting about this. It's good to see everyone doing their part to help however they can. xoxo

  10. Its so good people are doin so much to help! xxx

  11. great post! I sacrificed 2 starbucks drinks and texted 90999. Imagine if everyone gave up such meaningless luxuries to help a greater cause


  12. Hi,
    Just to let you know I've tagged you to do a whats in your bag thing .. I know you've probs already done this but I figured new year, new bag, new contents ... heres my blog address so you can check it out :D