Sunday, 5 July 2009

Your questions answered. :)

So, originally i said it would be a week until i did this. But a few very impatient people...*cough* Laura & Kelly *cough* haha wanted me to do it sooner, & i was getting a little scared by the amount of questions i already had.
I was also tagged by Helen to do the "20 questions" post, so i'm going to incorporate those questions into this.
I was also tagged by the gorgeous girlys Tabitha & Louise to do the "Honest Scrap" tag, I'm thinking alot of things will be revealed about me in this post so i hope this is sufficient ladies. :)

Okay, just a warning...there are ALOT of question & this will be a long post. So if you're not really interested in me & only like my makeup, i would disappear now. haha
But if you are intrigued to find out more about me, grab yourself a cuppa or even an alcoholic beverage, sit back & enjoy.


Do you have any siblings?
Yes, i have one 17/18 year old brother. He is pictured in one of my blogposts.
How old are you?
I'm 19 & my birthday is on the 28th March
What's your height?
5ft 4"
What's your top/dress size?

I'm an English size 6/8
Do you have any diet plans/tips?
I really don't. If you know me, you'll know that all i eat is food that's bad for you. I do sometimes eat fruit/veg & potato is my favourite food.
Do you workout/How do you stay so slim?

This is going to sound awful, but i don't. I have an extremely high metabolism thus making me slim without having to exercise or watch what i eat. I know alot of people will
be like "omg your so lucky" but i'd actually like to be a dress size bigger as i find it very difficult to fit some clothes & i'm sure one day my metabolism will change, and i will put on a million stone from having a rubbish diet now. ;)
Do you have any pets?
I have a goldfish called wasabee. I did have plenty of others but they all died. I think my fish wanted the whole tank for himself and murdered them. Hmph. I also used to have 2 guinea pigs called Milo & Monty. & i LOVED them. Guinea pigs are my favourite animals. They're too cute.
What do you enjoy doing in your spare time?

This will sound boring..but nothing. I like scrapbooking & oraganising things..
.like my room. I find it theraputic & satisfying, but usually if i have any time on my hands, i just like to chill out with family/friends.
Who inspires you?

So many people inspire me. I dont' think i could pick just one. Even people in the street inspire me.
What do you feel is your greatest achievment?

My greatest achievement? Hhm..My A level grades i suppose
What do you value most in life?

The people that value me...(awee vom)
What do you do?

I used to work in an interior design business, but a few weeks ago i was made redundant due to hard times & now i am currently looking for a job. I have always been one of those people that's not too sure what they want to do with their lives & i pretty much just see where the wind takes me. I really wish i wanted to go to uni, but i dont think i do, due to the fact im not too sure what i'd study...
What is your dream job?

My dream dream job would be something in the fashion/makeup/interior design industry
What did you take for your GCSE'S

I took Art, Textiles, Business studies & French
Do you make good grades? Gcse's were okay, mostly b's, some a's and a few a*'s...i got all A's for my a levels which i was SO proud of.
What is your ethnicit
*asks mum* - Um i'm just british, i wish i could say i was half italian or something...but i'm not.
Do you want to get married later on in life?

Of course, as does every other girl. I have aways been a super girly girl. Had a million dolls and looked after them like they were real babies. & weddings have always been something me & Alex would fantasize & plan out ever since we were about 10. We even know what engagement rings we want. haha. I would never marry the wrong person just for a wedding though. I think what is most exciting about a wedding is knowing the person your marrying wants to be with you forever. Too cute.
Do you have any phobias?

Spiders. But i think i have an extreme phobia of them. Even the smallest of spiders shakes me up so much that i feel like crying/hyperventilating. I never use
d to be this bad but lately i cant even stomach the sight of one. I had to hoover up a dead on the other day, and it was HUGE. and when i sucked it sounded like i'd hoovered a tennis ball..and the noise gave me goosebumps for days. I also dont really like the sea. I dont trust what's in it.
Have you ever had a near death experience?

I really don't think i have. :( A car nearly crashed into me today...that could be one? Never broken any bones or been to p
retty boring.
Do you get mad easily?

No, i dont get mad easily. But if someone is being a complete idiot for a while, i will get frustrated & upset..rather than mad...i would get mad if they cont
inued to be a plonker.
How did you get so gorgeous? (Question courtesy of Laura..haha love you)

It's called makeup. :) I promise you underneath i look like quasymodo.
Where have you been on holiday & where was the best?

I have beeen to..loads of places in the UK. Cornwall, Isle of Wight, Devon, Dorset, Wales...etc etc. Abroad i have been to portugal 4 times, Rhodes once & The Maldives once. Maldives was the most amazing place i've ever ever been. I loved it.
Favourite childhood memory?

Oh gosh i have so many. Me & Alex have thhee most amazing childhood stories. But that would be another post enitrely. haha I remember my grandad used to build boats and playhouses from giant cardboard boxes & me and my cousen & bruv used to think they were the most amazing thing ever. I also remember in the summer, my grandad used to giv
e me & my cuz a "leg & a wing" i dont know if any of you are familiar with that...its when you grab an arm, and the corresponding leg, and just spin freaked me out but was fun.
What was being in Harry Potter like?

Ahhh i get asked this alot. So i will start from the beginning. I was 10 when they first started filming for the first film, and my primary school is in the village they used. So they came & asked everyone in my year (which was probabaly about 7 children) if we wanted to be extras. & of course we said yes. I was in hufflepuff :)
The first year, we were used in Snapes potion class scene. I am not seen in the film annoyingly, but its nice to know i was there. We also got to mingle with the cast, we watched spider man with them. haha & Devon Murray (who plays seamus finnigan) asked me out..haha. i said no. I was 10 years old and boys scared me.

I was also in the second cannot see me. I went to london to be on the hogwarts express...which was so exciting.


Heels or flats?
Flats for daytime, Heels for night time
Favourite moisturiser?
Imperialis from Lush
Where do you buy most of your clothes from?
Primark/new look/topshop
Favourite Shop?
This is annoying but i dont have a favourite shop.
Favourite makeup brand?
Mac & Nars
Favourite drugstore makeup brand?
Gosh & Barry M
Favourite nail polish brand?
Barry M for the price & quality, O.P.I for the amazing colour range & staying power
Show us your favourite dress...

What was your first makeup item?
My first makeup item was a barry m dazzle dust in a glittery white colour
If you had your own makeup line what would you call it?
Hhmm...Zobo. :)
What are you into the most, if you HAD to choose one..Jewellery, Makeup, Shoes, Clothes?
Can you please show your followers how you organise all your jewellery/accessories?
I will do. Have added it to mental list of blogpost requests.
What is your favourite shoe store?
I'm not a massive shoe snob..but topshop have some amazing shoes..& Kurt Geiger always makes me drool when i walk past.
At what age did you start wearing makeup?
Probably around 13/14 but it wasnt much - the odd bit of lipgloss/mascara
Do you wear falsies? If so which brand?
I don't on an everyday basis no. But when i do (mostly for a night out) i wear the eyelure ones or the girls aloud lashes. I also have some from H&M which are suprisingly good.
Lipgloss or mascara?
Whats your worst shopping habit?
Buying things because they are in the sale, not because i love it and have to have it.
Do you have a signature scent?
Armani Code & Gucce Rush 2
How do you take care of your hair?
I try not to overwash it, use serums ALWAYS & never over straighten. Give your hair some breaks. I also never dye my hair, besides the odd highlight here & there, and i had a semi permanent colour put in about 4 months ago..but no extreme dying.
Whats the colour of your natural hair & highlights?
The colour of my natural hair is the colour you see in my photos, and i wouldnt have a clue about the exact highlight colour.
What are your views on plastic surgery?
I say, if it makes you happy, & you've got the money...why not. Just think that some people go a little O.T.T and i dont like MASSIVE fake boobs because they make me feel a bit queasy.
Is florabundance lipglass sticky or is that just the tester?
Lipglasses are a little sticky & the consistency is quite thick with some. But i dont find them unbearable. Maybe it was just because the tester had oxidised alot?
If makeup somehow wasn't invented (:O) what would you replace it with?
Dear meee..haha. I would probabaly just be alot more obsessed with jewellery & clothes & shoes. I'd always find something to obsess over.
Do you bite your nails?
Probabaly sometimes..if im nervous. But i never notice until i look down and im like "oh my..where have my nails gone" I mostly just pick's bad i know, but i have horrible nails & they dont grow. Im an acryllics girl all the w


Would you rather grow a beard or go bald? (haha thanks Laura for that one)
I think...i would rather grow a beard because at least you can have that lasered off, but once hair on your head has's gone.
If you could know the date you were going to die, would you want to know?
Yes i think i would because then i can do all the things i wanted to do before the date. I wouldnt want to know how i died though.
Which five male celebs would be on your "list"?
Ooo..let me think..Ashton Kutcher, Orlando Bloom, Jesse Metcalfe, Adam Brody & Will Smith
If you only had 24 hours to live how would you spend it?
Preferably with all of the above...haha. No, i would love to go to blackgang chine in the isle of wight with everyone i love. I'm planning on having my hen party there (Alex, you better be excited) That's if it hasnt collapsed into the sea by then
If you were a cannibal, what would you wear to dinner?
What would i wear to dinner if i was cannibal? Jeez...will i be dining with other cannibals?..because if i was i think i'd want to make myself look ugly so they dont eat me. Or possibly go dressed as a piece of bamboo..
What first started you going to carboot sales?
I first went to bootsales when i was a baby, in my pram with mummy..So my mum made me go to bootsales haha
Which Carboot sales do you go to?
I go to Lacock carboot...Seend Carboot...Castle Coombe carboot, argh loooads because i live in the country the bootsales are all about 10 minutes away from eachother and i think theres about 6 around me every sunday. I dont go to alll of them though.
Do you have a favourite book?
I think my favourite book is Anne Franks diary because it's amazing but also i read a book called...oh shizen i totally forgot but it's by someone called fiona walker..think it was called "Lots of love" & i've read that loads of times.
Do you watch any american tv, if so what is your favourite?
Yess, i LOVE the Hills. Bet you didn't expect that one huh?
Why don't you make youtube videos?
I am awfully terrified of putting myself on the internet because i dont know what reaction i will get. eeeek. And i am almost certain i will feel like a prat & hate the sounds of my voice. BUT, i am going to record a video when i get my new digital camera & see if i can bare it. & if i can i will upload it. I also dont want to become slack in my blogging.
What is your favourite type of sandwhich?
Um..Probably the greasy sausage, egg & brown sauce, but my healthier option would be the classic BLT.
Do you have a xanga account?
What is Xanga? haha sorry if im completely behind the times. But no i dont have a xanga account :(
What is your favourite reality tv show?
Hmm..well i do love me a bit of cheesy reality tv. I have to say i very much enjoyed Britains Got Talent. It makes me laugh, it makes me cry & it has ant & dec in cant really go wrong. I also become victim to Big Brother.
What wesbite do you visit the most besides youtube, blogger & facebook? I love it. Check it out.
Who is your favourite blogger?
Nooo i don't have one favourite blogger, theres absolutely no way i could pick between all of them, they're all fab.
Who is your favourite makeup guru?
Probabaly Laura (Lollipop26) she's so down to earth & easy to watch, and she doesnt take herself too seriously. I also love love Holly (Hollymae20) because shes the nicest girl i have ever met & i cant wait to see youu sooonnn girly.
How do you make your blog interesting?
I didnt think my blog was interesting. lol I just put my creativity & thoughts on a webpage. :)
Do you like photography?
I dooo, i absolutely love photography. I recently did it for A level & will be doing someone wedding photos for someone in a few weeks.
Can you show us some of the photos that you're proud of?
I cann...
What is your fave style to decorate your bedroom, chic, modern, vintage..etc?
Hhmm, to be honest, i have a mixture of all three. :)
Can you please do a room tour?
Yes, i will also put this on my mental request list & do a seperate blogpost for it.
Do you like stationary?
Haha, this question made me laugh. Yes, i do like stationary :)
Are you into Ghost hunting? can't say i am. I've seen "most haunted" a few times, and it does give me the heebygeebies but..meh, i 'll believe it if i see it.
What is your favourite disney film?
This question is TOO HARD! I love all disney films. :( haha I think Aladdin in my favourite though.
Whats your favourite desert?
I love anything with sugar in it. Hm...I do love lemon cheesecake ALOT though...& rocky road.
Do you like swimming?
I actually really do like swimming. I dont like being in a bikini in public much though. I dont mind it when im holiday & its mega hot & you can cool down and have a little swim..but swimming in england generally isnt too exciting.
Do you drink juice?
Yes...i love juice a whole lot.
Daddy or chips? (Haha, Kelly asked me this & i didnt have a clue what she was on about..i do now though ;))
This is actually quite easy..haha Daddy. You wouldnt believe it but im not the biggest fan of chips..give me a potato in any other form and i love it....but chips..not so much.
What's your favourite movie?
Hhmmm, it's a toss up between....Moulin Rouge, the Notebook & I love you man. (Is that out on dvd now btw?)
Do you eat fries with a fork?
I don't eat fries often..but when i do, im pretty sure it's when im stealing them from someone else, in which case i use my hands.
Do you like cookies?
Yes..i do like cookies. A whole lot. I wish i knew how to make uber doughy "Bens Cookies"
If you could move anywhere, where would it be?
Hmm, the Carribean...Necker Island..move over Richard Branson..i'm coming through.
Savoury or sweet?
If you had to describe yourself as a fruit, what fruit would you be?
A Raspberry, because i'm small but have a strong kick. :)
Favourite flower?
White Lillies, White Orchids & White roses. See a pattern?
Favourite colour?
Pinkk & Cream
Do you drink energy drinks?
No, i suffer with panick attacks so an energy drink will usually set one off due to the high amounts of caffene, although weirdly i quite like the taste of relentless
Do you drink coffee?
No, same as above. :) but also i despise the taste...even with half a mug of double cream..i still cant drink it.
If you could have a dinner party with 5 celebrities, dead or alive, who would you invite?
Peter Andre, Will Smith, Lily Allen, Sacha Baron Cohen & Ant&Dec (They count as one)

Phewph, that took me a wee while.
Hope you like it & i answered you're questions okay?


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  89. Hi Zoella! Did you hear about the new Harry Potter book and movie? I'm a fairly new actress and I have always wanted to be in a Harry Potter movie but sadly I read the books after the movies were all released. I know that you were in the Sorcerer's Stone (every time I watch it I pause it at the potions class scene to find you haha) and I truly admire you for following your dreams and doing that and many other things. I was just wondering if you would happen to know how I could audition to be an extra in the new movie. If you don't, I totally understand, but if you would, or if you know where to look to find them, could you please tell me? Thank you so much Zoella! Love you!!!!
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    p.s, your beautiful in that dress! ;)

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